I’m honestly confused regarding your “more than one definition that is” of term bisexual.

In period 1 of Legends of Tomorrow, she ended up being from the verge of a relationship with Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) in the penultimate episode until he sacrificed himself. She additionally very nearly had a relationship with a nurse that is closeted 1950s Oregon, but her return through the dead ended up being nevertheless messing together with her mind at that time.

In period 2, she had more interest with females than males, first in 2Г—01 aided by the Queen of France even though stranded over time in Salem of this century that is 17th. And belated in 2Г—17 with Guinevere (being the Lancelot with this camelot that is particular Arthur ended up being thinking about Stargirl (of this JSA) as their Merlin. They’ve said that Sara is always to have another relationship in period 3, but no word on whether Cams 4 Com it is with a or a female.

We adored exactly exactly how casually Sara had been bisexual. like, with Nyssa the entire assassin thing took precedence within the woman thing, and therefore had been such a pleasant thing to see back at my television.

I have as you can, but I think what’s being lost in the bisexual flag waving here is the simple fact of someone’s coming out process that you want to highlight bisexuality as often and as much.